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Some industries have unique and exceedingly high logistical requirements. This is due to the type of commodities they handle or the environment in which they operate. In these situations, selecting the appropriate attachments, surface treatments, and other modifications to satisfy individual needs is critical. SPECIALIST ATTACHMENTS Some jobs require specific attachments. You might need longer […]

Cold store

Cold Store

THE CHALLENGES IN COLD AREAS Trends are clear, today’s consumer values convenience, wholesome food, and just-in-time delivery. More fresh and chilled products are being ordered in smaller quantities. No more simple pallet in/pallet out operations: the cold chain must become as flexible as possible. It’s key to address these challenges to keep costs under control: […]



Small businesses exist in practically every industry and do almost any work, making them difficult to define. But common unifying variables are short and sudden needs, sometimes combined with limited funds. As a result, renting equipment or purchasing secondhand trucks may be the most cost-effective logistical alternative. Multifunctional machines may be appropriate depending on the […]



Transport is the movement of goods from one place to another and is vital to many industries. A natural extension of this is dividing and spreading the goods to the specified recipients through distribution. Depending on the industry, this can vary from big and heavy loads to small and light packages. The intended workload and […]


Order Picking E Com Min

Order picking is the process of retrieving requested products from different storage solutions and dispatching them to individual recipients. The growing industry of e-commerce requires quick deliveries and demands efficient order-picking processes in warehouses of all sizes. ORDER PICKING IN LARGE WAREHOUSES The racks in a large warehouse are usually over 6 meters high and […]



Manufacturing is the production or assembly of products, usually in a step-by-step system with a division of tasks and labor. The work is repetitive and benefits from automation whenever possible without compromising quality. Several manufacturing environments call for special attachments or modifications for handling certain products. HORIZONTAL MOVEMENT AND STACKING As within an ordinary warehouse, […]



Material handling within retail typically involves unloading packed goods and moving them shorter distances for stocking, either in storage or directly onto store shelves. This process requires compact and agile trucks that are efficient in narrow spaces and safe to handle and leave around customers. HORIZONTAL MOVEMENT, SHORTER DISTANCES You want to move your goods […]



A warehouse’s primary function is to store materials and goods before transportation to factories, businesses, or end customers. Impacting factors on material handling are; available space, amount of goods, frequency of loading and unloading, and more. The entire operation must be considered before choosing a logistic solution for maximum efficiency. STACKING IN MEDIUM TO HIGH […]

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