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Material handling within retail typically involves unloading packed goods and moving

them shorter distances for stocking, either in storage or directly onto store shelves.

This process requires compact and agile trucks that are efficient in narrow spaces

and safe to handle and leave around customers.

Horizontal Transport Short Btlif


You want to move your goods as effortlessly as possible. A hand pallet truck is perfect for lighter loads over short ground-level distances. But you should consider a powered pallet truck if you handle many heavy pallets during the day or need to move them long distances.

Complete your solution with a suitable towing tractor and roll cage, and you are equipped to handle both pallets and other goods.

Stacking Low Medium Racks Btstax


If your retail has back storage with racking, you need a truck with stacking capabilities. Which truck is best depends on how high your racking is, how heavy your pallets are, and how many of them you move during a day or shift.

Our powered stackers are available in several different lift capacities, lift heights, and battery capacities to fit your specific situation. Some models have platforms to stand on to save your employees energy for work outside the storage. 

Temporary Workbench Btstaxio Hwe


A common task within retail is stocking and re-stocking products in different store environments. It is repetitive and labor-intensive work, and choosing the right tools is crucial for your employees’ comfort in the long run.

Several of our smaller truck models can be used as temporary workbenches, reducing the need for manual carrying or lifting. You get a more efficient stocking while reducing strain and improving ergonomics for your staff.

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