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Transport is the movement of goods from one place to another and is vital to many industries.

A natural extension of this is dividing and spreading the goods to the specified recipients through distribution.

Depending on the industry, this can vary from big and heavy loads to small and light packages.

The intended workload and environment must be considered when choosing trucks and equipment.

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Heavier loads usually arrive on trains or lorries and require more powerful trucks. You want your truck to easily access the cargo compartment and move the loads on and off.

If you’re loading and unloading outside, your truck must be suitable for uneven surfaces and adapted for different weather conditions and other factors.

Smaller Loads And Deliveries Swe


A compact, agile, and energy-efficient truck is suitable for transporting smaller loads and making deliveries. A popular request is the ability to operate the truck from within the cargo space all the way to the delivery point.

It’s likely that recharging your truck while on the road will be impossible, which is why good battery capacity is so important.

Inside And Outside Loading 9fbm7


Transport and distribution can sometimes demand trucks adapted for both inside and outside use. Counterbalance trucks are ideal in these cases; just make sure that:  

  • the power source fits your purposes 
  • the tires are suitable for all intended surfaces and 
  • the truck and/or mast height is low enough to fit through all doors. 

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