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SEEN Safety’s cutting-edge IRIS 860 sensor uses an infrared laser to detect the reflective tape on high visibility work-wear, transforming it into part of an active detection system.

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Not only does the SEEN Safety System warn the driver about high-risk pedestrian proximity, it also uploads key information about every detection to SEEN Insight, allowing you to proactively identify and manage high-risk operations.



The flagship product of the SEEN Safety System is the IRIS 860 sensor.
The sensor employs state-of-the-art infrared laser technology to detect retro-reflective tape on high-visibility workwear (PPE). The sensor gives a loud audible alert when a person or marked object gets too close to your forklifts.

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Precisely targeted detection zone avoids false alarms

Over-detection undermines the effectiveness of any proximity alert system. SEEN’s precisely shaped, customisable detection zone gives the operator meaningful assistance without causing irrelevant alerts. The detection zone settings can easily be changed to suit the specific working environment using SEEN’s free app.

Easy installation and set up

The installation process is similar to installing a blue light. The IRIS 860 sensor simply requires power from the machine and a connection to the reverse signal. An auto-electrician can install sensors in about an hour, following SEEN’s installation guide. The sensors can even be moved from machine to machine when needed. The sensor settings can be easily adjusted using SEEN’s free Sensor Setup App for android or iOS.

Highly reliable detection to give you peace of mind

In critical risk zones, detection reliability is paramount. SEEN sensors provide highly reliable detection even in challenging conditions. From complete darkness, bright sun, rain, condensation, RF interference, dust, dirt, shock and vibration, IRIS 860 sensors continue to function long after other systems fail.


Your eye-witness to near miss events

Adding an IRIS-i camera to the IRIS 860 sensor allows you to see the unseen, by capturing and securely transmitting detailed data about every detection event to SEEN Insight.

The IRIS-i camera is a key component of the SEEN Safety System and works as your eyewitness in near-miss situations.


The IRIS-i camera and SEEN Insight data platform allow you to really see what’s going on behind your machines

Sensor Camera

An IRIS-i camera mounted on the IRIS 860 sensor

Key features

  • Photograph and video (no audio) evidence captured of every detection
  • Records detection time, date, duration, closest distance, detection trace-path
  • Fixed daily cost per active camera, to access your data
  • Secure data upload to SEEN Insight via the mobile data network
  • Embedded, global roaming SIM card included
  • No IT integration or WIFI connection needed
  • IP67, suitable for outdoor use
  • Enables remote update of the IRIS 860 sensor settings.

How the IRIS-i camera works

When the IRIS 860 sensor detects, it triggers the IRIS-i camera to take a photograph and save a short video clip of the detection event.

Detection event data

The detection event data (including a photograph) is immediately uploaded to SEEN Insight. If connection to the mobile network is lost, the data is uploaded next time the IRIS-i connects. Approximately 1,000 detection events can be stored in the camera’s memory.

Detection event video

A short video (no audio) is saved for every detection event, and can be uploaded on demand from SEEN Insight. The video starts 5-seconds before the detection begins, and ends 5 seconds after the detection ends. Up to 10,000 detection videos are saved in the IRIS-i memory for later, on-demand upload.

Privacy and security

IRIS-i is not a surveillance camera. It only uploads detection information when triggered by an IRIS 860 sensor detection. To help alleviate privacy concerns, the IRIS-i does not record audio. Please refer to SEEN’s privacy policy and SEEN Insight Terms of Use.


  • 3G/4G mobile coverage
  • An IRIS 860 sensor
  • A SEEN Insight account
  • Account credit.


Discover SEEN Insight, SEEN’s online data platform that provides you with crucial evidence about every sensor detection.

SEEN Insight provides you all the evidence and data you’ll need to quickly identify high risk machine-pedestrian interactions, allowing you to make informed, proactive safety decisions.

Seeninsight 1

The IRIS-i camera captures visual evidence and data about each detection event.

Key features

  • Image of every detection uploaded
  • Video available for each detection (no sound for privacy)
  • Captures detection time, date, duration, closest distance, and trace-path
  • Secure connection via mobile data network (no WIFI or SIM needed)
  • Data dashboard highlights trends over time
  • Simple non-variable connection fee per camera
  • AI event categorization (Pedestrian, MHE, Other)
  • Allows remote update of IRIS 860 sensor settings.
  • Push notifications and API output

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