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Toyota 4 series Diesel 10.0t – 16.0t

Series: Diesel
Model: 4FD
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TypeEngine Counterbalance Trucks
Load capacity10,000 - 16,000 kg
Max lift height6000 mm
Load Center 600 mm
Engine TypeDiesel
Engine ModelHINO J08E-T
Rated Power125 kw
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Toyota’s large-capacity forklift is ready to move. Along with power and maneuverability, this engine-powered diesel forklift embodies all the many features that heavy work demands. Designed with ecology, economy, and ease & comfort in mind, it’s the right choice to meet your needs today.

Key Benefits

  • Good ecology due to low emissions
  • Designed for efficient maintenance
  • Comfortable operator environment
  • Newly developed common rail diesel engine (7684 cc)
  • Wet Disc Break with Dedicated cooling circuit

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