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Jul 12,2022


Do you need to save more energy and space in your warehouse by improving horizontal transportation?

Normally, there are many types of material handling equipment in a warehouse because each equipment has its purpose of material handling, resulting in the best outcome of it. However, operators sometimes improperly use a machine and make the whole work flow less efficient. For example, hand pallets together with operators are too many in the warehouse which causes less space. Moreover, having counterbalanced forklifts to operate in a hand pallet zone could be a wrong choice, leading to inefficient and too much energy consumption. Therefore, both walkie and pedestrian type of powered pallets, which are more suitable, come into play to reduce a number of hand pallets and also save more energy than a counterbalanced forklift.

Solution Suggestion

We would suggest you “Powered Pallet” to “Save More Energy and Space” in your warehouse!

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Do you know?

Mono Fork

We believe you are very familiar with normal two forks, but do you know that we also have a mono fork option? It is wide and unique design to pick up and transfer items that would be difficult to maneuver with a dual fork truck such as a steel cage pallet.

Double Pallet Fork

Another special fork option is double pallet fork or fork extension. You can save more time and increase productivity by handling two pallets at once. All in all, please consider carefully what kind of loads you have and what kind of forks you want to use for your application.


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