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Floor With Selfleveling Epoxy Resin Industrial

SUPER FLAT FLOOR Floor with high tolerance, flatness, and levelness for VNA trucks Super Flat Floor is the standard for smooth and durable flooring, built to global standards to accommodate the use of VNA Trucks. Due to its super flat nature, the floor is very smooth, allowing the VNA truck to drive, lift and work […]

Racking system


We continually look to optimize your warehouse operations by combining the right racking type and configuration with the most suitable material handling equipment. Since our wide truck range and complete racking offer go hand in hand, each project is custom-made regarding storage capacity, pallet flows, and pallet turnover. Direct Access Pallet Racking Full access to […]


Cq5dam.s.800.0 (9)

INDUSTRIAL DOOR TYPE Overhead Door The overhead door is designed for use in industrial facilities. Useless space to install doors and openings. Various methods are available for activating the door opening and closing, including switches, remote control, sensors, and other options. High Speed Door The high speed doors are built to perform under extreme operational […]

Energy solutions

Lithium Ion

Toyota Material Handling provides a comprehensive energy solution with a wide range of lithium-ion batteries that deliver increased energy savings and added benefits. With over a decade of experience, we guarantee a safe and high-quality solution tailored to our various markets’ specific needs. COMPLETE LITHIUM-ION SOLUTIONS Toyota Material Handling offers a comprehensive energy solution with a […]


I Site

I_Site is the fleet management system developed by Toyota Material Handling over ten years ago. I_Site hardware consists of a telematics unit and additional onboard sensors on forklifts, which allows your fleet to be connected. FLEET MANAGEMENT WITH I_SITE To face today’s challenging logistics, you need to be efficient and flexible to changing circumstances to […]


T Mote

We offer different automated solutions to optimize efficiency and flexibility in your warehouse. Semi-Automated products cover Load Carriers, Guided Carts, Remoted Drive, and Navigation Solutions like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. SEMI-AUTOMATED LOAD CARRIERS The Radioshuttles are semi-automated high-speed load carriers that work in specialized racking. The load carriers enable high-density storage and a maximized number of […]



Whether you are a logistics provider or working in production, the automation of specific processes can add a new dimension to productivity. This can be done by automating processes of everyday load handling; or a complete system conversion for large operations. BENEFITS WITH AUTOMATION OPTIMIZE YOUR FLOW OF GOODS Automation contributes to a consistent workflow […]

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